Where can I park?

Parking should be similar to past events, with on-road and local parking available on a first-come first-serve basis. The Town Hall parking lots will be closed on Sunday to facilitate the 'fire line', a 300 foot radius required around the Fireworks shooting area.

I'm interested in the Craft and Vendor Fair!

Please keep an eye out for an updated Craft and Vendor form!

Is there a rain date?

There is no rain date for the Enfield Fourth of July Town Celebration weekend.

I don't want to come to the town green - where else can I see the fireworks?

We can only guarantee line-of-sight from the Town Green and immediate areas, but we've heard from lots of folks that there are viewing spots all across town, including at several of the local strip malls. We recommend asking around on social media for the best kept secrets!

I have another question!!!